4.1 The Entrant has the right to:
4.1.1 Participate in the contest in accordance with the Rules
4.1.2. Withdraw from the contest at any time

4.2 The Entrant will
4.2.1. Guarantee that he/she has exclusive author’s rights to the supplied entry. In the event of any third party claims in relation to their entry, (the Entrant) will settle any such claims using his/her own efforts and at his/her own cost. Any dispute relating to the rights of any contest entry will result in the entry being automatically withdrawn from the contest, and in the event that the entry becomes the main contest winner then the winner will be disqualified.
4.2.2. In the event of winning one or more categories, provide the Organiser with a photograph in electronic format within 3 days in accordance with clause 5.2.1 of these Rules. If the photographs are not provided within this period of time or do not satisfy the requirements of clause 5.2.1 of the Rules, the winner’s photographs will be removed from the contest by the judging panel. In this event the panel will announce a new contest winner.

4.3 The Organiser has the right
4.3.1. not to engage in written correspondence or otherwise contact the contest entrants, other than in the instances specified by the Rules or under applicable laws of the Russian Federation and in case of any disputes.
4.3.2. At its own discretion to declare invalid any entry or entrant who forges or gains benefit from any forgery in the contest process, or holding of the contest, or by their actions violates any of these Rules or applicable laws of the Russian Federation, acts in a destructive manner or violates the rights of third parties
4.3.3. To examine any entry for authenticity.

4.4 The Organiser shall
4.4.1. Notify the Participants about any changes to these Rules, as well as of any other material changes to the terms and conditions of the contest by publishing of any such information on the contest’s official website http://photo.volga-dnepr.com

4.5 Liability of the Organiser
4.5.1. The Organiser will not be liable:

  • For any failure by the entrant to fulfill his/her obligations required by the Rules;
  • For the non-receipt of any contest winner notification due to the entrant providing incorrect details, including of his/her address and/or telephone number, email address;
  • For any interruptions to mobile networks and postal services, for system failures or other technical internet malfunctions which may affect contest entrants.
  • In case of any force-majeure events, provided under the laws of the Russian Federation.