5.1 Substantive requirements
5.1.1. The photos provided by the Contest entrants shall meet the following requirements:

  • Will fall within one of three categories: An-124-100 Ruslan, IL-76TD, Boeing 747. All aircraft photos in Volga-Dnepr and Air Bridge Cargo livery.
  • Shall not: 
    • Violate any applicable legislation, honour and dignity, third party rights and interest protected by law, promote religious, racial and inter-ethnic hatred, contain scenes of violence, or inhumane treatment of animals, etc;
    • be of an obscene or offensive nature;
    • advertise any narcotic substances;
    • violate the rights of minors;
    • violate authorship and related rights of third parties;
    • be of pornographic nature.

5.1.2. The Organiser shall have the right to publish the entries following the decision by the judging panel as to the photograph’s compliance with the substantive and technical requirements of the Contest.

5.2 Technical requirements
5.2.1. Only photos satisfying the following requirement will be admitted to participate in the contest:
- Image resolution shall be no less than 2400*1800 pixels